A definite gap or rather need was identified for a club that was more “modern vehicle friendly” than the already established Cape Land Rover Club.  The brainchild was actually one of the founder members and ex-chairman of the Cape Land Rover Club.
We also felt the need for a club that was younger and more family orientated than what was on offer.  Our families are what this is all about and all our outings (every single one) is focussed around the family.
We’ve arranged everything from raw self-sufficient beach camping weekends, family jamborees and “alternative” road-trips like 27-passes on which we literally drove over 27 mountain passes over a long-weekend.  The latter has become so popular that it has become an annual institution which will see its third running this year.
This does not mean that  we have no room for the serious offroader, quite the contrary, we actually won the interclub 4×4 challenge last year – go figure.